RSS Feeds Assignment

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Before completing this assignment I had very little knowledge of what RSS feeds were for and how to use them.  I was used to see the logo on blogs and websites but never investigate it.  I am glad that I have learned how to use them because it makes sorting through content on the internet much simpler and more enjoyable.  I will definitely be using RSS feeds while lesson planning.  There are many blogs that I follow that regularly post lesson plan ideas and by creating a folder in my google reader I can now access all the content in one spot.

One way RSS feeds could be used in the classroom is by creating a teacher blog and having your students/parents subscribe to the feed.  This way they could get all necessary content and information delivered right to them.  This would be very helpful to teachers, parents, and students because it would eliminate the need multiple forms of communication (emails, written reminders, website posts etc.)  To deliver information, teachers could simply post on their blog/site.

Another way RSS feeds could be used in the classroom is by having students create blogs and then subscribing to each others feeds.  Students could complete a research assignment, post it to their blog, and then be required to read RSS feeds from other students and respond.  If all students were writing about the same topic it would give them different insight and additional information to help them learn more about it.  If students were posting about different topics it would allow students to learn about multiple topics from their peers.

This assignment directly addresses AECT standard 4.4 information management because RSS feeds allows the user to select content and subscribe to it which helps filter out any unnecessary information.  Readers allow the user to further organize the content into folders or tags so that sorting through the material is simple and organized.


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