School Evaluation Summary

This assignment was very informative and eye opening.  I definitely think that performing this evaluation would be a great way to orient myself to any schools’ technology maturity if I were a newly hired technology director.    This evaluation would need to be updated yearly though because technology use could change rapidly depending on lots of different factors such as new technologies, curriculum revision, training sessions, and more.  After completing this evaluation I was able to get a sense of what areas needed addressing within the school’s technology plan.  I think it would also be helpful if the Maturity Model Benchmark was updated to include all the changes we have seen in educational technology since 1998.  Subsections that deal with wireless networks, mobile devices, interactive whiteboards, etc. would be great to add to this model.  Overall, I really enjoyed this assignment and learned a lot about how to really learn about a school’s technological maturity.

Click Here to see Maturity Benchmarks Survey Sheet for Kennedy High School  


3 comments on “School Evaluation Summary

  1. Updating the evaluation to include the most current technology is a great idea. Did you notice communicaton via e-mail in the intelligent category? Email rates lower than texting and even phone calls in my school’s communication surveys. It’s definitely a generational type of communication. Great formatting!

  2. John,
    You make a very valid point that if someone were the technology director for a building or district, they would need annual updates due to rapidly changing technologies that can be used in the classroom. I also agree with you that if the benchmarks were more up to date the research and findings could further improve the use of technology in the schools.

  3. Yes, I agree–updating yearly is a good idea, John. I enjoyed reading your summary and evaluation and know you can be an agent for change in your school.

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