Module 2 – Analysis

ID Project Description: The target audience will be upper elementary students.  After two hours of instruction, they will be able to create a one-minute musical composition using loops and smart instruments in GarageBand.

My ID project falls under condition B: there is something new that the learners need to learn.  I will conduct my needs assessment using the innovation model.  First, I will determine what the new technology is, if my schools educational philosophy has changed, and how the use of technology will affect the music program.  Next, I will determine the learning goals for the project, see what knowledge these goals will require of the learners, and make sure these goals can effectively be taught.  Lastly, I will determine if the technology is available for use, if these goals conflict with the current curriculum, and if anyone will object to this change in the music program.  I am sure I will discover some additional steps that need to be taken as I work through the needs assessment.

The learning environment is an elementary school.  There is a set of 25 iPads kept in the technology room that can be signed out for use.  The classroom has a white board, Smart Board, projector, apple TV, and computer.  The students are in 4th grade, and the school encourages the use of new technology.  I am unsure of the community’s feelings about the use of technology in school; this will have to be researched.  Since I will be teaching the lesson, I know that I am comfortable with technology-based instruction, and I have a strong knowledge of the iPad and GarageBand software.  This project fits into the existing curriculum and directly applies to the national standard for music: composing and arranging.

Some learning characteristics that are important to my ID project are: cognitive and learning strategies, level of visual literacy, specific prior knowledge of iPads, interests, motivations to learn, attitude toward subject, and reading level.  I can obtain a lot of this knowledge by having the students complete a survey that asks questions regarding their feelings about music and iPads.  I can learn about the students’ cognitive levels, reading ability, and level of visual literacy by talking to their classroom teachers.


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