Creative Expression: CoPs, PLNs, and Connectivisim

For my creative expression I decided to create an audio cast of music to demonstrate my understanding of Connectivisim, Communities of Practice and Personal Learning Networks. Using music to demonstrate all three theories is how I chose to show the relations and connections between the ideas.

Communities of Practice are demonstrated by multiple instruments playing a major scale. All the musicians share the same passion (the scale). At first the musicians are out of sync but as they continue to work together and learn more the music begins to come together. By the end they are all playing together (Wenger, n.d.). I felt this was a good representation of how learning can be facilitated through Communities of Practice.

Personal Learning Networks are demonstrated through the use of drum beats. It starts with just one beat and slowly more and more beats are layered on top making the music (the learning) grow. The use of all drums represents the similar interest shared by people in a PLN and the variations in the beats represent how each person brings a unique perspective to the learning environment (Kharbach, 2012).

Connectivism is demonstrated by different instruments slowly being layered on top of each other. As the music becomes stronger it’s representing how learning can grow by connecting with others around the world through web 2.0 (“Connectivism”, n.d.). It also shows how learning with others is more effective than learning alone.

*I created these audio samples using midi files and loops in Apple’s GarageBand application.



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2 comments on “Creative Expression: CoPs, PLNs, and Connectivisim

  1. Linking CoP’s, PLN’s, and connectivism with musical instruments was an outstanding idea. Although musical instruments can sound okay independently, they often sound better when in a larger ensemble. Each instrument may be playing something slightly different but when combined the end product is pleasing. The same is true with CoP’s, PLN’s, and connectivism. One standing alone would not be effective to anyone however a combination will provide endless opportunities to learn and share.

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