Thoughts on my Digital Footprint

Mfootprint-48274_150y digital footprint is something I think about whenever posting online. There were a few things I learned when researching digital footprints that I hadn’t thought about before. I’ve goggled my name on occasion to see the results, but I’ve never tried it with other search engines.  When I searched my name today over multiple search engines the results included all my professional accounts (YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, EdTech coursework, etc.). Luckily nothing unexpected appeared. Something else I hadn’t thought about was purchasing my domain name. This is a good idea and something I am going to do.  This would definitely help me keep my name safe from someone else buying that domain name and using it for something I wouldn’t want to be associated with.

Being a teacher I always feel that you have to be even more cautious when posting online because parents/students can easily search your name and find personal accounts. That is why I make sure everything I post is professional.  This is also the reason I rarely use Facebook.  In the past, Facebook has changed security features and then reset privacy settings without notifying users. I think it’s a major flaw in that social network, and I would never feel comfortable thinking that information I post is really private. I also decided to use a stage name for my songwriting and music performing partly because I wanted to keep that out of my professional digital footprint.

I feel very fortunate that social networks where just being established when I was in high school and Facebook was only open to college students.  This allowed me to not have posted anything I might regret today. I think that schools should spend a lot of time discussing digital footprints with students today starting in elementary school. It’s alarming how quickly your digital footprint can become tarnished if you’re not cautious and proactive.


One comment on “Thoughts on my Digital Footprint

  1. John, I’m right with you on being grateful that online social networks weren’t yet invented when I was a kid. Being a middle schooler/high schooler was hard enough without having to worry about all the dumb things you do documented indelibly in the long memory of the Internet.

    Great post here–thanks for sharing your reflections!

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