My Professional Learning Environment

Creating my Professional Learning Environment diagram helped me explore how I use social networks and web tools.  The process for creating the diagram was simple.  I started with my mobile device/computer and looked at all the apps/sites that I visit frequently (the larger icons on my diagram).  Then I thought about the resources that I use occasionally (the smaller icons on my diagram).  I knew that I wanted twitter to be the center of my PLE and through a web search I came across this amazing backdrop to use for my diagram. Next I compiled all the logos and organized/grouped them into a cohesive diagram.   I used twitter as a backdrop because it is the main network that I use and most of my networking, sharing, and professional development stems from twitter.  Using the backdrop with the clouds and twitter icon also clearly shows the connections between the communities.  Much of the great resources I find for Pinterest, Feedly, YouTube, Diigo and more come from twitter.  Twitter is also where I share resources that I discover from google searches, feedly, and other networks.  Although twitter is the main community I use, because of what I’m learning in EDTECH543, I am beginning to expand my PLE and start using other communities more frequently (instagram, linked-in and google+ are new communities for me).

I enjoyed viewing my classmates PLE diagrams and was struck by how everyone has a unique PLE. The first thing I noticed is that twitter is not central to everyones PLE. Everyone has their own favorite community that they use most. Whereas my diagram focused more on finding resources, others emphasized creating their own content or sharing content through a variety of communities. Also, I came across communities that I haven’t heard of or used and will be exploring them in the future. I also noticed that my peers use networks in different ways. For example, with the exception of this course, I have only used facebook for personal use and some of my peers use it for professional use. This varied usage  was apparent for other communities as well. It was certainly a learning experience to view other’s PLEs and gave me some insight on how I can continue to expand my Professional Learning Environment.

My PLE Diagram (click to enlarge)



3 comments on “My Professional Learning Environment

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  2. Here’s what I wrote about your PLE on my site.
    John, who is also in my PLE, created a cool looking graphic with the Twitter logo and clouds. His categories included productivity, communicating, and professional development. We seemed to have a similar PLE as many of those applications were the same ones I included in my infographic. The addition of Google Drive is one that I can’t believe I omitted! I always use Google Drive due to how easy and effective it is for creating, and saving work in the cloud. With the way schools are cutting budgets, being able to utilize the clouds is the way to go. The hard drives and work servers are so ’00s. Evernote is also an effective tool for saving and sharing content through the cloud. Nice, looking and easy to follow representation of your PLE, John.

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