Social Networking Case Studies

I learned a lot about using social media in the classroom through this curation. It was difficult to find specific project examples as many blog posts were lists of ideas. The projects I did find are great, and I included what I learned from them and how they can be applied to music in the descriptions below. I unintentionally learned the importance of using tags for blog posts through this assignment.It made it much easier to search blogs for social media projects when the authors applied tags because the search features do not always work properly.

I also noticed that social media is not being heavily used (or just not blogged about) in elementary music education. It made me realize that there is a need for music educators to start sharing how they are using social media. This would be a great thing for me to blog about this year as I start using Twitter and other social media in my music class.

1. Why do we tweet? – – This blog post describes how a first grade class uses Twitter to connect with professionals related to what they are studying. In the music classroom, we could use twitter to connect with composers or musicians who have written or performed music we are studying.

2. How to Create a YouTube Playlist for Class – – This post explains how to create YouTube playlist to curate videos that teachers would like students to view, comment on, or discuss. Using YouTube as a social media tool would be an excellent way to discuss various performances of music we a studying in class or to examine the instruments of the orchestra.

3. Playing 20 Questions Live via Google Docs – – This class used Google Docs to play 20 questions live with another classroom. This would be an effective way to connect with another music class. We could play 20 questions describing different composers or musical instruments. I know my students would love this!

4. The Year of Skype – – This post describes how they use Skype in the music classroom.  Students get to perform music for other classes and practice proper audience etiquette. This is an exciting use of Skype and something I hope to do this year. Students love to perform, and I am sure the added excitement of performing over the web would be an educational experience.

5. Making Learning Authentic – – This posts discusses how they use Twitter in the Spanish classroom. I loved the idea of using a unique hashtag, having a monthly Twitter chat with students, parents, and professionals about their subject. I thought of many ways this could be applied to music. A few of these ideas include the following: viewing a music performance on YouTube and discussing via Twitter chat, discussing favorite composers or pieces of music via Twitter chat, and interview professional musicians through Twitter chat.

6. Kindergarten Around the World – – This project allows students to connect with other students via Twitter to learn about cultures different than their own. I would love to do this for young students to hear different music from around the world. There are many different styles of music all over the world that students have never heard, and this would be a great way for them to learn about it.

7. Social Media Should be Social – – This post was written after a year of having a class Facebook page with a Kindergarten class. I have felt, as an elementary educator, that it would not be effective to use Facebook. However, this teacher describes how it was a great way to communicate with parents, and by letting the students guide what he posted, it became “their voice to their parents.” I find this inspiring, and it is true that many of the parents use Facebook as their main or only social media, so it is a great way to connect.

8. Monsters on Twitter – – For this project a class wrote written descriptions of a monster they created, shared them via Twitter/Skype, and had another class draw the monsters based on their descriptions. This is such a neat project. I thought it would be awesome to have students describe a piece of music or style of music and have another class in a different part of the world compose the music using GarageBand or another music app. They could then discuss it through social media and edit until they agree on a final product.

9. Ten Ideas for Using Instagram in the Classroom – – This article presents many great ideas for using Instagram with students. While I realize we were not supposed to include lists for this assignment and as a new Instragram user, I found it inspiring.  It gave me ideas for my music classroom particularly the Photo Prompts idea. It would be a great activity to have students compose a piece of music inspired by a picture on Instagram. I also think it would be great to have students take pictures at school music events and share them via Instagram. It would be great to get the student point of view through pictures.

10. Trusting a Student with a Disctrict Twitter Account – – Students were given a chance to tweet their school day through a disctrict Twitter account. While this was done with older students, I could see it being successful in upper elementary provided the account was monitored and only given to students who model good behavior and academics. It would be really neat to see the perspective of a student and could be an excellent 21st century version of “Student of the Day.”


My curation (including additional sources) can be viewed here:



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